Corrosion and scale inhibitor
This series of products has good corrosion and scale inhibition capabilities. They can not only effectively prevent scale cations from combining with carbonate ions in water to form scale, but also form a protective film on the metal surface. Their scale-inhibiting performance is 20% higher than that of traditional scale inhibitors. At the same time, they have a good dispersion effect on soil and sediment, keeping the system clean.At present, this series of products is widely used for corrosion and scale inhibition in cooling circulating water systems, closed water systems, and reverse osmosis systems.
Bactericidal algicide
This series of products can penetrate into the sticky mud bacterial gel, promote the dissolution, dispersion, and peeling of sticky mud through strong sterilization and peeling effects, and discharge with water flow to achieve water purification effect. Widely used in cooling circulating water systems, enclosed water systems, and reverse osmosis systems for sterilization and algae control; Compared to similar products, it has a higher level of safety for various metals in the water system, lower usage, and longer antibacterial time.
This series of products has good compatibility with various metal materials; Less evaporation loss during use;Good thermal stability; The viscosity is moderate and varies little with temperature; Can be diluted and used according to the on-site environmental temperature, with high economy.It is widely used in cooling, heating and other circulating water systems that operate at low temperatures to prevent expansion and cracking of components and pipelines in the cooling water system in winter, and can better protect materials such as steel, iron, copper, and aluminum from corrosion.Compared with traditional water system antifreeze, it has better compatibility with metals, greater stability, and a longer service life.
Circulating water system antifreeze