In the production and processing process of auto parts, the cleaning and protection of equipment metal parts is a very important link. The increasingly exciting market competition has put forward higher and higher requirements for the quality level of auto parts. Cleanliness, as an important indicator affecting the quality and safety of automotive products, has attracted people's attention. The cleaning and protection series products developed by Sunshine new technology group for automobile manufacturing customers have the characteristics of "safe, efficient and environmentally friendly". The cleaning speed is fast, and the dirt on the metal surface can be well removed within the time set by the cleaning agent process; No corrosion to the cleaning agent and the object to be cleaned; Low cleaning cost, safe for operators, no uncomfortable odor, in line with EU RoHS directives; In the cleaning process, no insoluble matter will remain on the surface of the cleaned items, no new pollutants will be generated, no new covering layer harmful to the subsequent process will not be formed, and the product quality will not be affected. Huayang's new cleaning and protection products have been used in many fields, including machinery manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, electric power and electrical, metallurgical and mining, machinery and electronics, transportation, photovoltaic, automobile, shipbuilding, textile, nuclear industry, food industry and so on, and have been recognized by all sectors of society.