Sunshine new technology(tianjin)group co.,ltd. provides cleaning and maintenance supplies suitable for the metal smelting industry, including power systems, power systems, circulating cooling water systems, equipment lubrication and sealing, and workshop environment,Electrical equipment cleaning agent is used for the cleaning of electrical cabinets, electrical control systems, CNC equipment, motors, communication equipment, and precision instruments. It has a voltage resistance of over 25kV and can clean electrical equipment with electricity. It is volatile and has no residue
Multipurpose high-temperature lubricating grease is suitable for lubricating gears and bearings in steel rolling machinery, construction machinery, heavy-duty lifting machinery, continuous casting machines, sintering machines, etc. It is temperature resistant, water resistant, has good extreme pressure performance, and has a long service life.
Water system corrosion and scale inhibitors, as well as bactericidal and algal agents, are suitable for the sterilization, antibacterial, and scale inhibition treatment of industrial circulating cooling water systems, maintaining the safe and stable operation of water systems.
Loose rust lubricant can lubricate friction parts such as machinery, bolts, and shafts, making rusted bolts and parts easy to disassemble, with good penetration, and multiple functions such as cleaning, loosening rust, rust prevention, and lubrication.
Strong heavy-duty detergent is suitable for cleaning dirt such as dust, oil, grease, etc. on the surfaces of parts, equipment, workshop walls and floors, and environmental sanitation. It has strong cleaning power, fast cleaning speed, and clean decontamination.
Sunshine new technology(tianjin)group co.,ltd. provides solutions to industry customers with its products and efficient services.