lubricating grease
This series of products has good metal compatibility;Strong resistance to extreme pressure, able to maintain good lubricity in high load and high impact load environments; long lubrication cycle, no need to replace and supplement frequently;In addition, it also has certain anti-corrosion performance to reduce maintenance costs;Suitable for a wide range of temperatures and can be applied to various high and low temperature environments; It has a wide range of applications and can meet the on-site usage needs of most customers. Compared to lithium based grease, it has a longer service life, better water resistance, and higher resistance to high temperatures.
This series of products has excellent performance such as high temperature resistance, reduced wear, oxidation resistance, extreme pressure resistance, and reduced disassembly difficulty. Widely used in reducing wear, rust, and corrosion of chain links, steel cables, conveyor belts, cranes, and other transmission equipment; Lubrication protection for high-temperature and high-pressure harsh parts such as industrial equipment, construction machinery, and chemical equipment; And in industries such as locomotives, ship repairs, and petrochemicals that require rust removal, anti-corrosion, and special lubrication treatment. Compared to traditional products, they have stronger penetration, lower odor, stronger high-temperature resistance, longer lubrication cycles, longer service life of the lubricated parts, and lower overall usage costs.