In the manufacturing process of parts in the mechanical processing industry, cleaning or protection is required throughout the entire processing process (including processing, turnover, inspection, storage, matching, assembly, warehousing, transportation, etc.) to achieve normal mechanical processing. The cleaning series products developed by Sunshine new technology group for mechanical manufacturing customers have the functions of reducing consumption, water conservation, safety, stable production, improving product quality, accelerating production speed, extending equipment service life, and reducing environmental pollution. The product adheres to the company's consistent concept of "safety and efficiency", and is carefully developed using excellent raw materials to assist customers in maintaining product quality and reducing costs.
Sunshine new technology group's cleaning products have been applied to many fields including machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, electric power and electrical, metallurgical mining, machinery and electronics, transportation, photovoltaics, automobiles, ships, textiles, nuclear industry, food industry, etc., and have been recognized by all sectors of society.