Sunshine new technology(tianjin)group co.,ltd. provides cleaning and maintenance products for the power industry, suitable for cleaning and maintenance of power systems, power systems, circulating cooling water systems, equipment lubrication and sealing, workshop environment, and other aspects.
Electrical and mechanical equipment cleaning agents are applied to the cleaning of electrical cabinets, electrical control systems, motors, precision instruments, CNC programmable equipment, electric tools, measuring tools, and instruments. The product has a voltage resistance of over 25kV and can be used for live cleaning of electrical equipment. After cleaning, it evaporates without residue and does not affect the electrical performance of the equipment.
Electrical equipment moisture-proof and anti-corrosion insulation protective agents can remove moisture and moisture from electrical equipment, form a semi dry protective film on the surface of the equipment, protect electrical equipment from the erosion of humid and corrosive gases, maintain insulation strength, extend the service life of the equipment, and reduce the occurrence of electrical faults.
Multipurpose high-temperature lubricating grease is suitable for lubricating gears and bearings in steel rolling machinery, construction machinery, heavy-duty lifting machinery, continuous casting machines, sintering machines, etc. It is temperature resistant, water resistant, has good extreme pressure performance, and has a long service life.