Flat sealant
This series of products has good temperature and chemical resistance, high sealing pressure, and can fill the gaps between sealing surfaces;single component, instant sealing, room temperature curing, easy to use, long service life, suitable for pumps, compressors, gearbox shells, pipe flanges, bearing end caps and other parts of the plane seal, thereby preventing gas and liquid leakage;high and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, stronger than ordinary plane sealant products.
Thread locking agent
This series of products are easy to use, with good anti-loosening effect, strong resistance to high and low temperatures, strong resistance to chemical media, and have the functions of rust prevention, corrosion prevention, and ease of disassembly; they can effectively ensure that the threaded components remain locked and safe throughout the entire service life, and take into account stability and economy;It is widely used in the locking of bolts below M26; compared with ordinary thread lockers, it has stronger resistance to chemical media and better sealing performance.
Component Fixing agent
This series of products has the characteristics of efficient filling of gaps, effective avoidance of corrosion and friction, high load transfer, reduced design conflicts, reduced structural weight, strong resistance to high and low temperatures, and strong resistance to chemical media. Effectively improving the shear strength of cylindrical unthreaded assembly operations, the ability to transfer loads, and making them evenly dispersed, eliminating stress concentration and corrosion at the assembly interface. Widely used to improve the assembly strength of cylindrical components, repair worn cylindrical holes, shaft combinations, or parts with clearances exceeding tolerances; Compared with ordinary component fixing agent, the ability to transfer loads is stronger and easier to disassemble.